Thursday, September 22, 2011

Manuel locks and windows to automatic locks and windows?

i have a 2004 dodge dakota and my locks and windows are manuel what all would i have to change to make them automatic. would it be the whole door panel? or where would i got to get this done and how much would it cost? if i have to replace the door panels can i just go to a car junk yard and do it myself?Manuel locks and windows to automatic locks and windows?
Mike, on an 04 your automatic door lock is a part of the door latch assy.

The electric windows are motor controlled and have a different regulator arrangement than a manual, and how about your truck wiring. My 89 Dakota was not wired for electric doors or windows, but it is such a narrow truck that it was not a problem to raise or lower the windows or unlock the doors just by reaching over, so I never changed them.

To make this job feasible I would recommend that you spend some time in a salvage yard or two to see what you will need to change, other than the two doors and the interior switches.

You may need to change the wiring harness, but in order to know for sure you will need to see what your sample door wiring connects too and if your truck has the connection available.

Also, you may be able to buy the regulators and switches online or thru your local parts house, but if you can I'd try to find a comparable truck and just switch out the doors and rob the switches, it'll be much easier and probably much cheaper, except for having to repaint the doors or the whole truck.Manuel locks and windows to automatic locks and windows?
You can't do it. Sorry. The wiring has to come from the under dash wiring harness and because your truck is all manual it wasn't made with the wiring that is necessary to power the windows/door locks. Sorry.
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