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Door locks on a VW jetta?

I am looking to buy a vw jetta and when i was at the dealer i noticed something wierd. if you are leaving the car and lock the doors from the inside, it will lock all the doors except the drivers door. so when i close the drivers door i can not get in the back or passenger side, but the drivers door remains unlocked. what is that? can it be changed?Door locks on a VW jetta?
Yup working as intended. If you lock the doors from the inside as you get out of the drivers side, the other doors will lock. There are options here. On the in car dash screen, there is a option for convenience, with handles the door locks and lighting, you change it there. Also you can Lock and unlock all the doors with the FOB(Remote), or lock and unlock the doors from the keyhole with the key on the drivers door.Door locks on a VW jetta?
yeah the door lock needs to be replaced. i

Toyota Corolla Remote lock quit working?

My car lock was working until today and it just quit. I changed the battery and it still doesnt work. The locks will open and shut in the car without the remote. I did have it in the shop today to have the sunroof looked at at the guy was messing with the circuit board for the sunroof and the fuses. Would that mess up my remote?Toyota Corolla Remote lock quit working?
I am not a Toyota mechanic but vehicles with remote entry equipped vehicles have a receiver located somewhere in the vehicle so it could be a possibility that something was disturbed or disconnected when the work was done to the vehicle or a fuse was blown or wiring damaged somehow. If it worked before and does not work now then it is their responsibility to repair the damage.

Car value after it has been broken into? and how to find a previous owner?

Here's the deal, the car that i want to buy, is about, 11,900. I was looking around the car and found evidence of a break in... ( small chips of paint around the door handle) So i did some more investigating, the door panel had been %26quot;removed%26quot;, the panel that holds the locking mechanism had also been taken off.... now i know its just a piece of plastic that you can buy for like 5 bucks... so I kept looking for more... I asked myself if i were a car thief what would i have done next.... Thats when i found the steering colum had been popped off... his explination was that the original key had been lost and the guy that changed the ignition and lock for the door, didn't do it right.... plus the other salesman had told me the radio was broken when %26quot;someone%26quot; was trying to remove it. What should i do 1.negotiate the price down lower %26amp; get it inspected myself by a proffesional 2. make them fix all the parts and body work around the handle or 3. walk off and find another car?Car value after it has been broken into? and how to find a previous owner?
I'd walk on that one. But your option 1 is worthy of consideration.

The big issue is that you have no idea how badly the vehicle was abused when it was stolen. Since the ignition was popped, it's highly likely that it was stolen, not just broken in to. The fact that you can determine this with a cursory inspection tells me that repairs were not completed properly.Car value after it has been broken into? and how to find a previous owner?
If it was in fact a break in and the previous owner had insurance, the insurance company should have paid to have it fixed properly. And assuming it wouldn't total out (exceed the value of the car in repairs) it shouldn't have a salvage title based on that situation.

As far as checking out the car, any seller of cars should allow you to take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic for a general check; any person/dealer that won't should send you a big red flag in your head-run! I know that when I bought a used car from a Pontiac dealership, it turns out after I took it I realized some things were wrong that were not mentioned so they took the car and fixed it for free while sending me out in a free rental car. Now if its at a smaller lot, they won't have the resources the big dealers will. I would definetly negotiate lower, sounds like the break in damage wasn't fixed properly. A proper fix would never make you think it had been stolen. See what the dealer can offer you on repairs, and if you really want the car, push on. If not, find another car.

What kind of car thief does this?

Someone broke into my car and took loose change, a burned CD, and KFC coupon. Yet they left my sunglasses, ipod adapter, jacket, golf clubs, and the radio. And yes I'm sure it was a break-in my car was locked (but a window was 4in open) and when I came back it wasn't.What kind of car thief does this?
maby someone from an intensive mental care institution

(im being serious with this anwser, a community near me has that problem)What kind of car thief does this?
sounds like an older bum because a kid woulda took the IPODWhat kind of car thief does this?
strange. be thankful you're car still there.What kind of car thief does this?
a very nice one. see not all theives are bad people.What kind of car thief does this?
lol someone in a great hurry or jus hungary...What kind of car thief does this?
one that knew exactly what he was looking forWhat kind of car thief does this?
No offense but did you piss someone off. Maybe they just did it for revenge.What kind of car thief does this?
ok if someone really did break in they must have been really stupidWhat kind of car thief does this?
Sounds like a young in-experienced black male. You know how the blacks like KFC.What kind of car thief does this?
A hungry drunk????What kind of car thief does this?
lol theyre stupid...that happened to my mum...someone stole her lui vution wallet (sry dont knwo how to spell it right) and it was a real one too, all they did was take her checks or something and her credit card which she simply cancled. shows robbers arent that smart. o and once i was watching the news and some guy robbed a bank and then hailed a taxi as his get away car lol hilarityWhat kind of car thief does this?
A Dumb oneWhat kind of car thief does this?
hah, maybe one in need of KFC, some change, and some tunes?What kind of car thief does this?
probably someone w/ the munchies.What kind of car thief does this?
maybe some of your friends are playing a practical joke, I know me and my friends would do something like that just to make the other go what the heck who would do that?What kind of car thief does this?
you had too much in there that is why sorry they did thatWhat kind of car thief does this?
They were hungry and wanted music to listen to while they ateWhat kind of car thief does this?
It was some kid didn't know what the other stuff was for and couldn't carry the clubs because he couldn't drive and if he get's caught he won't be able to walk either!!What kind of car thief does this?
Oviously a person who had a very strong craving for chicken, needed money for the laundromat, and randomly wanted a burned CD...What kind of car thief does this?
Obviously , a thief who only takes what he needs.What kind of car thief does this?
bum or child or someone you knowWhat kind of car thief does this?
Sounds like an older street person! Took what they needed and split!

Will the insurance cover new locks?

If you vehicle is burglarized and they got away with all of your extra keys (car, spouse's vehicle, house, garage, etc)? I'm thinking I would rather pay for new locks than pay for the theft that will most likely occur if I don't [thinking like an insurance company should].

They got all of my money so I can't have the locks changed.Will the insurance cover new locks?
Your home owners insurance will likely cover this, but it could involve raising your rates.

You might want to consider filing a compensation claim through the Texas Attorney General's Office - Crime Victims Board. We have a similar program in New York and it reimburses victims who are not able to seek restitution directly from the perpetrator. Here is a link with some more information. If you don't get anywhere with them, drop me and e-mail and I can probably get you set up with the proper victim services agency in Texas that will be able to assist you.


Have you reported the crime?

Was anyone arrested?

Are you able to front the cost and be reimbursed later?

That totally stinks. Sorry that happened to you :-(

Here is the link to the Crime Victims Board in Texas. the insurance cover new locks?
Ask your insurance agent what your policy states.Will the insurance cover new locks?
I would think they would cover new locks, considering your keys were stolen, which could result in another potential burglary.

I am so sorry Nina. :-(Will the insurance cover new locks?
If you have %26quot;lockreplacement coverage%26quot; on your auto insurance, you will most likely be covered for this since its a burglary issue.

There might be a deductible that applies, so best thing is to call your agent and ask.Will the insurance cover new locks?
No, it won't cover to rekey your locks.
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  • What's wrong with my brother's car central locking?

    Besides it being a ford escort, that is... that's pretty obvious.

    Had a look around for the answer to this on here and elsewhere on the net, nothing all that suitable popped up.

    Usually it will lock just fine, and you can deadlock it / set the alarm etc. But intermittently, it will refuse to unlock. The symptoms seem to change every time, and it's very annoying. We're supposed to be running in it's new gearbox (yes, that blew up as well!) for him whilst he's living away in London, but don't dare go further than the local high street in case we either get locked inside, or can't get back into it after walking away.

    Sometimes it seems just as if the lock barrel is sticking before it gets to the activation point, other times the system just goes wild, continually unlocking and relocking itself noisily... if you time it right you can get in through the passenger door, whereupon it goes absolutely crazy.

    Last time, I had to clamber in through the rear hatch, tripping the alarm..What%26039;s wrong with my brother%26039;s car central locking?
    2 parts are involved. the key and the switch behind it.. get new switchWhat%26039;s wrong with my brother%26039;s car central locking?
    need to get it check

    Buying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???

    I am buying my first car and I am thinking of buying a Mazda 3, I went to a Mazda dealership just to look at the models and I saw a Mazda 3 (2.3L ) w/ the options: leather seats, sunroof/6cd change, wheel locks, rear wing spoiler, and a compass/autodim mirror. The MSRP is $19,275 but with the options the total MSRP is $21,940. As I am buying my first car I was wondering if anyone could help me what a decent price it would be to buy without getting ripped off since I don't really know that much about car-buying/cars in general.Buying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???
    The best way to purchase a car these days with out having to deal with your typical greasy salespeople is to get on the internet and request a quote from multiple dealers. Go to and select a vehicle (Mazda 3) and build it. when you get to the last page it will offer you a choice to see dealers inventory or request a quote. You can select a few dealers from your area or you can change the zip code and it will give you more choices for distant dealers. Dealers will get your info and send you an e-mail with a price quote. most of them will just tell you to come not just go to the dealership. Demand a real number on a vehicle you want that thay have in stock or one that is available from another dealer that they can get for you. If they cant give you a real number, dont buy the car from them.Buying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???
    i dont know if you know this but if you go threw costco you could get the best deals on Brand new carsBuying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???
    I just got a Mazda 3 S touring... the 2.3 L model without the leather.. and I got it for somewhere between 19%26amp;20... and I am paying $360/month... But, i didn't put any money down... so that kind of gives you a though to how much it might be costing you. I love the Mazda 3 though, it really is a fun little car.Buying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???
    ok put it this way if you want a faster car for the same price..... get a ford mustangBuying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???
    Not a bad price, the mazda 3 is the hottest sub 20,000 dollar car around, well built, reliable, quick....I have an 04 2.3 and just rolled 62,000 miles with no problems at all...great will love itBuying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???
    ok, i JUST bought a 2004 mazda 3 today. i really dont think u should get a brand new car, cuz when u get a brand new 1 for example for like 23000 bucks, after 1 month the price will drop like soooo much. if u find a good dealer, not a real mazda dealership, cuz they usually sell their cards way more expensive. the 1 i bought is 5000 bucks more expensive with exactly the same milage and features at the real mazda dealership, so if u get a 1 year or 2 year nice car, the price wont drop as much, it will be drop like 2000 bucks a year which is way better than a new car. and well i got mine for like 16,000 and its fully loaded, maybe u can get a 2005 mazda 3 for like 18000, and the price wont really drop, best answer? lolBuying my first car, decent price for Mazda 3???
    Bought a brand new blue Mazda 3 2 months ago. LOVE IT, my friends love it. With the premium grand touring package, (heated leather seats, BOSE sound system, moonroof, bla bla bla, my total was roughly 22,000.

    HOWEVER, I do NOT recommend buying a brand new 2007 car simply because I totalled my Mazda in a car accident last Saturday. Value drops insanely as soon as you drive it off the lot. My poor new mazda 3 though...cry cry